How Real-World Evidence is Changing Healthcare

Real-World Evidence

How Real-World Evidence is Changing Healthcare in India

Table of Contents:

1.Why Do We Need Real-World Evidence?

2.Uses of Real-World Evidence in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

3.Ways that RWE is revolutionizing healthcare in India

4.How Spade Health Work

For many years, India has been relying primarily on clinical trials conducted outside the country. However, the unique features of the Indian population often get overlooked because of this approach. However, Real-world evidence has changed many things and the healthcare system in India is also evolving and improving. Because of RWE, people can see enhancement in the effectiveness of treatment and optimization of resource allocation. Through this blog, you can get more information about how Real-world evidence is transforming healthcare in India and benefiting both patients and medical professionals.

Why Do We Need Real-World Evidence?

For every new medical product or drug introduced, clinical trials are considered to be the perfect way to get them tested. But when these products or drugs enter the market, conducting real-world evidence studies in India is needed to provide key insights into how treatments function in everyday healthcare settings. RWE studies in India are required to understand the effectiveness of a treatment and its potential side effects in a broader population.

Based on real-world data, real-world evidence healthcare is beneficial in shaping personalized medicine for individual patients. This approach goes beyond the controlled environment of a trial to improve safety monitoring and identify potential risks associated with the treatment or medical drug that has been launched. The RWE Company in India aims to optimize healthcare costs using this approach by providing insights to allocate resources more effectively.

We will learn more about the critical role of RWE studies in India in advancing healthcare and addressing the complex challenges of today’s healthcare landscape.

Uses of Real-World Evidence in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

The major consumers of real-world evidence are pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The RWE Company assists in providing research throughout the product lifecycle for both pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Utilizing this approach, researchers can identify potential patients and create a proper pre-trial design including all things required.

Although clinical trials are conducted before the launch of any medical product or treatment to determine the safety and efficacy of new technologies, compared to real-world evidence, these trials have some limitations. Real-world evidence in pharmaceuticals can benefit researchers, clinicians, and others to get a better understanding of their products and their working process. Additionally, the real-world evidence in medical device companies helps in determining the relative safety, worth, efficiency, off-label use, and much more.

Using real-world evidence, you can compare new technologies with the existing ones and the standard of care. It can also be utilized to update clinical guidelines as it can be more beneficial for specific groups than others. This approach can also be used to understand that the new product or treatment complies with the regulatory requirements. Utilizing post-market RWE, the missing long-term data can be found and used as a part of regulatory approval.

Ways that RWE is revolutionizing healthcare in India

The real-world evidence solutions are making a great impact on the healthcare system of India and revolutionizing it in various ways. Below is the list of some ways that RWE in healthcare is transforming India:

1.Review of the Product:

The real-world evidence studies are beneficial for any pharma or medical organization as after the development of any product, they can get a real-time preview of these products only with the RWE. Ultimately, this results in research and development of better products.

2.Assessment of the Healthcare System:

This approach can also be utilized by administrators and regulators to evaluate their healthcare system performance. Using RWE in healthcare, a comparative study of the doctors and their treatment decorum. As a result, this leads to the development of a more effective and better healthcare system.

3.Clinical Trials:

Before finalizing the product, researchers conduct several clinical trials because real-world evidence data is derived from larger groups with different demographics. With the utilization of this approach, clinicians get a wide range of possibilities for conducting clinical trials.


When researchers utilize real-world evidence (RWE) in clinical trials, they get data and evidence that help them develop drugs and products to perform at the optimal level. Eventually, this benefits in enhancing the overall healthcare system for the betterment of the country.

5.Post-market Surveillance:

After the launch of any product or drug in the market, RWE helps the companies to get more information about their safety, efficacy, market value, and other factors like potential risks. This procedure is known as post-market surveillance and is beneficial for stakeholders all over the healthcare industry.

6.Study-cases for Physicians:

The RWE studies in India can be utilized by physicians to decide the most effective treatment for any specific illness for a certain group of patients. Using this approach, they can refer to the available case studies and their effects on patients with similar demographics.

How Spade Health Work

Real-world evidence (RWE) is crucial for demonstrating the clinical and economic benefits of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies to stakeholders across the product lifecycle. Our team brings together clinical, epidemiological, and statistical knowledge to provide high-quality real-world studies.

We collaborate with leading pharmaceutical and healthcare device companies, as well as new biotechnology startups, to define patient care in the future. Real-world evidence services provide insights on the effectiveness and safety of medical treatments in real-world settings, making them more significant in healthcare. Our skilled staff can help enhance patient outcomes and influence healthcare decision-making.

Developing evidence from real-world data is the same procedure as developing evidence from clinical trial data. It demands particular preparation and execution. Like clinical trials, RWE begins with a declaration of objectives and research questions. Planning requires identifying the source of the RWD, which can be medical records, insurance claim data, or prospective observational studies.

Our Expertise:

– Gap analysis, data landscaping, and strategic support.

– Creation of protocols and analysis plans

– Analysis of various data sources.

– Research into clinical and economic outcomes

In accepting the power of RWE, we have the opportunity to drive positive change, improve healthcare outcomes, and create a more reasonable and sustainable healthcare system for all. Let us continue to leverage the insights assembled from real-world evidence to shape the future of healthcare in India and unlock the full potential of data-driven medicine.

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