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Healthcare Research

Spade Health is a leading full-service healthcare market research company with a comprehensive range of options with an emphasis on the healthcare-consumer segment. When it comes to healthcare, we are an agency specializing in primary and secondary healthcare market research with high-quality recruitment. We have an excellent reputation, known around the world for our quality and expertise in pharmaceutical research activities. We have been successfully conducting medical fieldwork since 2009 and have over 50 satisfied clients globally, including 6 of the top 10 healthcare research companies in the world today. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and are renowned for our flexibility, reliability, and professional approach.

Our Research Services

Qualitative and Quantitative Medical Research


1.Online Research/CAPI/CAWI

2.Telephone Research

3.Face to Face Research


1.Central Location

2.Tele-depth Interviews

3.Face to Face Depth Interviews


Research Support

1.Secondary / desk Research

2.Data Analysis



Spade Health - Quality Statement

Since we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a proud member of ESOMAR, we have been maintaining quality work since the inception of the company. Our customers try us once and then use us forever. We understand that accurate data collection on our part is the only avenue to accurate decision-making for you.

  • Every interviewer monitored & evaluated during every shift.
  • Formal two-day interviewer training.
  • 1:6 supervisors to interviewer ratio.
  • 30% of all work validated by a supervision staff.
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Healthcare Panel Presence

Spade Health has a panel in 15+ countries that is categorized into Consumer, B2B, B2C, and Healthcare based on more than 100 behavioral questions and panel categories like: Basic Demographics, Education, Family, Occupation, Finance, Food and Beverages, Household Appliances, Automotive, Media, Health, and Travel. Spade Survey is the best survey company in the Middle East region. We have maintained a panel of 200,000 HCPs, including physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff in the USA, China, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, KSA, and UAE.

Spade Health - Proprietary Panel