Best Healthcare Market Research Companies in Dubai UAE

Market Research Companies in Dubai UAE

Best Healthcare Market Research Companies in Dubai UAE

Dubai is growing rapidly as a global centre for innovative ideas. The healthcare sector in Dubai is also rising with constant advancements. It can also be observed that people are now more focussed towards patient-centric care in Dubai. Market research is important for companies that are looking to expand or start their business in Dubai. Using market research, companies can learn about the latest market trends, consumer preferences, assess competitive strategies, and make informed decisions.

Through this blog, you will get to know about leading healthcare research companies in the UAE.

Why Choose Healthcare Research Companies in UAE?

There are numerous advantages for companies looking to enter or expand their businesses in Dubai when they choose healthcare research companies in Dubai:

Dubai is a perfect location for a healthcare research firm in Dubai UAE to understand regional and international market trends as you will get access to both East and West markets.

When you choose market research in Dubai, you will get assurance of getting reliable and accurate data.

With the utilization of market research services in Dubai UAE, you are guaranteed to get advanced insights and solutions using the latest tools and technologies.

The healthcare market in the UAE is diverse and growing continuously. Choosing research companies is a great idea for understanding the demographic distribution and tailoring the product or services to meet the requirements of different populations.

Additionally, you can learn more about the cultural shades of UAE with the help of market research that will ultimately assist you in entering or expanding in the local market of UAE.

From market entry strategies, competitive analysis, and patient satisfaction studies to healthcare policy research, market research firms in Dubai follow a comprehensive approach to ensure every aspect of the healthcare market has been covered.

Top Five Healthcare Market Research Companies in Dubai UAE

1.Spade Health:

Spade Health is one of the top healthcare research companies in UAE that is recognised for its comprehensive market research approach to provide actionable insights according to the unique requirements of different businesses. They have an expert team of professionals who have years of experience in delivering quality services using advanced methodologies. With the help of their expert team, businesses can make informed decisions and reach the next level of success in the market. This company specializes in providing both qualitative and quantitative healthcare research that includes post-marketing surveillance and patient surveys.

2.Greenland Market Research:

Greenland Market Research is another healthcare market research company in Dubai UAE. It is known for its strategic and customizable research services focussing on healthcare. Renowned for its on-time delivery and professionalism, this company is recognised for creating precise feasibility studies, strategies for pricing, and detailed research reports.


AMASS is one of the best market research companies in Dubai 2024 which is known for its tailored research solutions. Excel in providing reliable insights, this company helps businesses understand decision-making processes and market dynamics.

4.SixthFactor Consulting:

Using innovative market research, this company is known for providing clarity around business issues. They utilize the latest research techniques to analyse consumer behaviour to provide competitive reports to clients. Their clients can make informed business strategies with well-researched valuable insights provided by them.


Sapience is well-known for offering full market research and analysis on healthcare products and services. Addressing the specific needs of different clients, this company cater to both local and international clients. Their clients make informed decisions with the utilization of deep insights into market trends and consumer preferences provided by this company.

These are five top market research companies in Dubai, UAE that offer specialized services for the diverse and evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

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