Clinical Market Research Firms in India

Top Clinical Market Research Companies in India

Top Clinical Market Research Companies in India
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1.What is a Clinical Research?

2.List Of Top Research Companies in India

3.How Spade Health Works?


Best Clinical Research Companies in India

Clinical research is the complete study of the Patient’s safety and effectiveness of the most promising progress in patient care. You can be confused between Clinical research and laboratory research. Both types of research are different. Clinical Research involves people who play the role of the volunteer to help us better understand health and medicine.

People of all ages, health conditions, races, genders, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds are needed to participate in clinical research studies. This will raise the likelihood that researchers and medical professionals will create procedures and treatments that are likely to be secure and effective in all patients.

We Have Listed the Best Clinical Research Companies in India:

What is clinical Research?

Clinical research helps us to find different and better methods to detect, diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or diseases.

There are some types of clinical research include clinical trials, which test first-hand treatments for a disease, and history studies, which collect health information to understand how a disease develops and progresses over time

Clinical research is all kinds of research that is carried out on healthy or sick human beings. Clinical Research’s main focus is on knowledge improvement regarding diseases. It also focussed on developing diagnostic methods as well as medical devices or new treatments to ensure better patient care.

List of Top Clinical Research Companies in India
1.Veeda Clinical Research Limited

Veeda research services provide an all-inclusive portfolio of preclinical, clinical, and analytical services to assists innovator, bio similar, and generic drug development programs of our world-wide clients.

Founded in: 2011


2.Spade Health

Spade Health is a leading healthcare market research company, specializing in clinical data management, healthcare market research, pharmaceutical research activities, and primary and secondary Market Research.

Founded in: 2011


3.ACM Global Laboratories

ACM Global Laboratories has been a standard leader in both global clinical trial testing services and medical diagnosis. Branches with facilities are owned in, Mumbai India, and New York, England, Shanghai China, Singapore.

Founded in: 1975


4.Accutest Global

Accutest is a liberated and internationally qualified Contract Research Group. The company offers services to customers worldwide and operates in India, Brazil, and Asia.

Founded in: 1998



Accelsiors is a Clinical Research Company dedicated to serving its Sponsors with the highest level of quality. They provide a complete array of services and honor in having ready access to treatment-naive patient populations.

Founded in: 2002


6.Axix clinical

AXIS is a metric-based clinical research association with a global footprint of operations. Demonstrating a vertically integrated Clinical Research Organization, they deliver a collaborative approach to meet sponsor study requirements.

Founded in: 2004


7.Clinical research network India

Clinical research network India (CRN India) is a Clinical Research Company founded in 2015 to provide an inclusive solution to potential difficulties related to conducting clinical research in India.

Founded in:  2015


8.Bio Axix

Bio Axis DNA Research Centre is the private limited is a top-notch CRO in life sciences with an unlimited range of services in Clinical Research, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Forensic Science.

Founded in:  2005


9.Catalyst Clinical Research Services

Catalyst Clinical Research company is dedicated towards the Clinical Trials Management and Execution, Clinical Research Training, Independent Auditing as well as Medical Writing.

Founded in:  2004


10.Cliantha Research

Cliantha Research is a Clinical Research service provider based in Delhi and Mumbai, Ahmedabad.

Founded in: 2004


How Spade Health Work

Spade Health is a well-known medical Market Research Company that offers clinical research management services to the pharmaceutical industry and end clients. Spade Health is dedicated to providing pharmaceutical companies and biotech with a range of services customized to assist clinical development programs in Phases III–IV.

Spade Health is the service provider for phase IV as well as post-marketing surveillance studies in the Middle East region and Indian subcontinent

When the new drug is discovered and developed, it undergoes preclinical observation and testing to find out if it is risk-free or not in terms of patient safety. The drug has to go through the different clinical phases of the clinical trials.

This process required a huge investment and a lot of clinical trial experts are putting in their hard work and knowledge to get the drug to reach the patients. Spade Health plays a very significant role in these phases. Spade Health conducts clinical research by putting the best efforts to get the drug to reach the patient safely by collecting data and analysing it in detail.

Unlike other Clinical Research Organizations, Spade Health goes through regulatory and ethical risks and responsibilities while the conduct of clinical trials.

CROs have been always judged by the facilities and the quality they provide also need to maintain professional relationships at work with investigators and institutions, with validated data.

 CROs need to focus on comprehensive audits by sponsoring companies and other regulations of the system.

Spade Health is tasked with the strict observance of all stages of the clinical trial process to make sure that the regulations, laws, and industry standards considered for the safety of human subjects and data reliability are maintained.


A Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that can truly understand your needs and assist you in meeting your objectives by reducing complexity across functional teams. 

At Spade Health, we make an attempt to provide the Best clinical Research Services, managed by experts and professionals with over ten years of international regulatory experience in the conduct of therapeutically sound clinical trials in simple ones.

Our services and functionality are distinctive in that we not only create the best mechanism for your trials to function better, but we also give you a helping hand in all those processes and walk you through them from beginning to end so you can achieve your goal. 

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