Best Market Research Companies in India

Top Healthcare Market Research Companies in India

Top Healthcare Market Research Companies in India
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1.What is Healthcare Market Research?

2.List of Top Healthcare Market Research Agencies in India 2023

3.How Spade Health Can Help


Planning to launch a new product or service in India and confused as to how go for it in the Indian market. Well then a market research companies in India such as Spade health can help you with the same.

Market research can provide valuable information about market conditions, customer needs and preferences, and emerging trends. These insights will undoubtedly help your business succeed.

What is Healthcare Market Research?

The top healthcare market research agencies are market research firms that specialize in the healthcare industry. They enable organizations to review and disseminate research on general healthcare, health issues, healthcare employee issues, healthcare providers, and other healthcare-related topics.

List of Top Healthcare Market Research Agencies in India 2023

1.Insights Research Ltd

Insights Research is a leading market research and analysis company in the UK, India, and worldwide. They are a Full-Service Market research company that delivers Qualitative and Quantitative Research services. Their team is an expert in Focus Groups, Recruitment, IDI, and Data Collection using CAWI, CAPI as well as CATI, and Market Research Surveys.

Founded in: 2013

Services: Research services, Qualitative, Quantitative Research, Analytics & Reporting, Survey Programming.


2. Spade Health

Spade Health is a full-service healthcare consulting and market research firm specializing in Custom Market Research, Syndicated market Research, Go to market Strategy for the medical device, Diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

We have specialized in healthcare market research and consulting for over 12 years, developing long-term relationships with key industry insiders, doctors and specialists, and healthcare authorities.

When preparing each healthcare marketing report, we identify the latest technologies, trends, and treatments that will shape the industry’s future and combine that information with industry Expert opinions.

Founded in: 2011

Services: Custom Market Research, Syndicated market Research, Go to market Strategy, Healthcare market Research, Medical Device Industry Market Research, Clinical Research



The company is specialized in marketing studies for the pharmaceutical research industry. The Team of Adliva used their twenty years of knowledge and experience to work for you. Their dedication level is 100% toward the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Their team has 20 years of healthcare culture and experience in providing a portfolio of studies and reports responding to clients’ most vital requests.

Founded in: 2008

Services: Market Research, Market Analysis


4.Armature Group Inc

Armature Group, Inc. is a specialized company that conducts market research for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries on global platforms.

Founded in: 2014

Services: Healthcare Market Research Services, Linguistic Analysis, Qualitative Analysis


5.FMR Global Health

FMR Global Health is a leading Market Research Company that provides full service. It is a Healthcare Market research agency with 30 + years of experience. The agency served 40+ countries in which we have conducted research. They believe in Innovative methodologies and actionable recommendations

Founded in: 1988

Services: Diagnostics, Medical Services, Pharmaceuticals, Life sciences, Biotech, Healthcare, Qualitative and Quantitative analysis


6. Delphi Research

Delphi provides customized market and insight-based solutions for B2B, Consumer Services, and Social/Development sectors.

With a team of seasoned professionals having over 15 years of experience, Delphi has undertaken over 1500 assignments across a wide spectrum of verticals, in India and overseas.

Founded in: 1994

Services: Consumer Research , Industrial Research , Social & Development Research


7.Medicys Limited

Medicys Limited is an autonomous and privately retained company corporates in India in 2002 and is committed to serving the healthcare and pharmaceutical market research industry.

Founded in: 2002

Services: Health Economics research, Healthcare market research, Physician and patient’s reported outcome


8. Market Probe International Inc.

Market Probe International is satisfied to be celebrating the completed 50 clients in the global market research community!

Founded in: 1967

Services:  Quantitative research, Qualitative Research, Data Processing


9. Qualitest Ag

This Company is specified in the tailored market as well as social research and effectively works with a wide range of national as well as international clients

Founded in: 1981

Services: Market Research Services


10. Reason Research

Reason Research offers market research services to medical device pharmaceuticals, biotech, and diagnostics. They do not conduct fielding for other organizations. Reason Research only works directly with the clients.

Founded in: 2014

Services: full-service market research services, Conjoint Studies, Market Landscape Assessment, Patient Research, Segmentation


How Spade Health Can Help

Various methods, including surveys, focus groups, online analytics, and secondary research utilizing existing data sources, can be used to conduct market research. Product development, marketing plans, and sales initiatives can benefit from the market research insights.

We have shared few tips in the previous blog to choose Best Healthcare Market Research Firm in India.

Spade Health is one of India’s top healthcare market research firms. Spade Health is a quantitative and qualitative market research Fieldwork Company dedicated to high-quality data collection and market research services.

We have extensive experience applying appropriate methodologies across a wide range of industries, geographies, and cultures.

Conclusion :

We have compiled a list of the Top Healthcare Market Research Companies in India. We hope that the this list of healthcare market research companies will help you select the best one for yourself.

Market Research Firms assist clients in improving outcomes in areas such as health, social policy, education, and transportation. Market research firms conduct studies on health, employment, medical expenditures, science, technology, and earnings.


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