Top Healthcare Market Research Companies in Thailand

Healthcare Market Research Companies in Thailand

Top Healthcare Market Research Companies in Thailand

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1.Healthcare Market Research in Thailand

2.How do I Choose the Healthcare Research Companies in Thailand?

3.Top Five Healthcare Research Companies in Thailand

4.How Spade Health Work


The healthcare industry of Thailand is a rapidly evolving sector that is driven by factors such as an aging population, increasing disposable earnings, and a growing focus on preventive healthcare. If any business desires to launch or expand its presence in this vibrant landscape, it is important for it to prepare for both challenges and lots of opportunities here.

Businesses must have a deep understanding of the Thai healthcare market, including its unique characteristics, trends, and consumer preferences to navigate this complex and ever-changing environment effectively. For this purpose, they will need a perfect healthcare market research firm in Thailand.

With trusted healthcare market research experts in Thailand, you will get complete insights and data-driven approaches to navigate the healthcare market in Thailand. They dig into the details of the market and analyse consumer behaviour, healthcare trends, and regulatory developments. With this research, businesses can make well-versed decisions about their marketing policies, product development, and pricing.

How do I Choose the Best Healthcare Market Research Companies in Thailand?

The ability to make the right decision is a must for success in the active landscape of the healthcare industry in Thailand. Selecting the best market research companies in Thailand is crucial for businesses that wish to have a better understanding of patient behaviours, market trends, and industry dynamics. The foremost important factor to look at choosing a Thailand healthcare consulting firm is to look for its proven expertise in the healthcare sector.

It is always a good idea to consider those market research firms which have a good reputation in the market for delivering accurate and actionable insights in the past. Also, the perfect market research firm in Thailand tailors both qualitative and quantitative approaches for research purposes. Before starting a project with a firm, you must inquire about the data collection procedures, quality control measures, and validation methods of the company so that you can be sure of getting reliable information.

Choosing a healthcare market research firm can be easier if the firm provides you with customization and flexibility of services depending on your requirements. Another significant aspect to consider while looking for a market research company in Thailand is to choose one with a deep understanding of the local market, cultural considerations, patient behaviours, and healthcare practices. To initiate any project with a firm, you must request for previous client references to get valuable insight about the professionalism and reliability of the company.

On-time delivery of healthcare research is a very important factor when choosing a market research firm. Along with timely delivery, effective communication and transparent reporting at every step are other crucial factors that must be considered.

Top Five Healthcare Research Companies in Thailand

1.Kadence International

With its strong presence in Thailand, Kadence International is one of the top market research companies in Thailand. This company is well-known for its accurate insights and appropriate strategies for the pharma, healthcare, consumer, and technology industries. It has a team of expert researchers and analysts who have a lot of experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare market. This is the reason they can provide you with customized solutions.

2.Spade Health

Spade Health is one of the best healthcare research companies in Thailand which is recognised for its expertise in the healthcare industry. With this company, you can get a full range of services including market segmentation, qualitative & quantitative research, and competitive analysis. This company is committed to providing data-driven insights and that made it a trusted partner for many businesses in the healthcare sector in Thailand.

3.YCP Solidiance

YCP Solidiance has a strong presence in the healthcare market in Thailand as a global management consulting firm. With them, you can get services including market research, consulting, and business development. They provide comprehensive and actionable insights to their clients.

4.Macromill South East Asia

In Thailand, Macromill South East Asia is another prominent market research company with its presence in some regions only. This company offers a wide range of services like market research, data analytics, and customer experience.

5.Market Support

Market Support is one of the top 5 market research companies in Thailand that focuses on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. With this company, you can get a complete range of research services like competitor analysis, market sizing, and consumer insights.

The healthcare market research industry in Thailand is playing a key role in defining the future of the healthcare sector. With the supervision of these proficient companies, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of the Thai healthcare landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions and thrive in this dynamic and budding market.

How Spade Health Work

Spade Health has been assisting international and local clients in Thailand’s competitive healthcare sector for over 15 years. Thailand’s changing landscape offers several chances for enterprises, and capitalizing on those opportunities is critical for strategic decision-making and harnessing market potential.

When finding every healthcare market study, we find the latest technology, trends, and treatments that will define the industry’s future and combine that knowledge with industry expert feedback.

Spade Health researches global procedural volumes, product and brand unit sales variances, and price strategies for each market analysis. In addition, we undertake comprehensive primary interviews with industry experts to uncover significant market trends and generate reliable market projections.

We are one of Thailand’s leading market research firms, specializing in Consumer, Healthcare, Travel, and Tourism Market Research and Data Collection Services. Focus Groups, CATI, CAWI and Market Research Surveys are all specialties of our team. We have a dedicated team of local language interviewers and have cost-effective and efficient access to selected respondents.


To summarise, the market research industry in Thailand is very competitive, with a diverse range of enterprises providing useful insights and data to businesses of all kinds. The top five market research firms in Thailand are industry leaders, providing high-quality research and analysis to help their clients make sound business decisions.

These businesses collect data and insights through a range of approaches, including surveys, focus groups, and data analysis. They serve a wide range of industries, from consumer goods and retail to banking and healthcare, and provide a range of services ranging from custom research to syndicated reports.

Overall, the top five market research firms in Thailand are serious partners for companies seeking to remain competitive and make informed choices in an ever-changing economy. Their knowledge and insights are invaluable, and they play a key role in assisting businesses to succeed.

Spade Health provides all of your market research requirements under one roof. For almost a decade, Spade Health has provided some of the most economical and reputable market research services.

Contact our Research Expert at to learn more about how our healthcare market research services might benefit your company.

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