Spade Solutions: Assisting Companies to grow


concept testing

ConCept testing

We check if particular idea or product is feasible in the market or not. We check acceptance among various stakeholders through various survey instruments

market strategy

In-market strategy

Spade helps in making marketing strategy for a company. Once we formulate in market strategy then it works with marketing plan for fruitful outcome to a company

go to market strategy

Go to market strategy

 Spade can help you in your go-to-market strategy. We focus of three information: Product, Customer and Market. Please connect with us for more information

new product development

New product development

Spade can help you in product development. Our team of experts, will minimize the risk of failure. We can suggest you modifications in your existing and suggest you to bring them as improved ones to meet customer needs

customer satisfaction research

customer satisfaction study

Spade helps in understanding what your customers think about their shopping or purchase experience, because finding new customers is generally more costly and difficult than servicing existing or repeat customers.

patent services

Product Analysis

Since every product is designed in a particular way – Spade product analysis will enable you to understand the important materials, processing, economic and aesthetic decisions which are required before your product can be manufactured.

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