Secondary Research

Spade Research has diverse range of experience in secondary research and market landscape assessments for healthcare-consumer segment. Our secondary research is effective for clients exploring new products or modifications in existing products. For any given segment, we can provide joyful insights with our team’s expertise.

Our expertise:
  • Emerging profiles of competitors
  • Market Landscape and Trends
  • Strategic results
  • Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Audits and Analysis

Our solution to the clients includes a multi-stage approach which can be qualitative/quantitative or a combination of primary/ad-hoc research and exploration of secondary data sources. Depending on the requirement, sometimes we recommend a social media monitoring element of the research programme to add another dimension to the findings


Spade reports are considered to be trusted source for business research in medical/consumer industry. Our reports provide key trends, industry analysis, in-depth analysis for the products, company and technology. We have experienced analysts who work closely with industry leaders to provide accurate market assessments while personally researching the market to offer keen insights into healthcare/consumer segments.