Quantitative Healthcare Research

Secondary / Desk Research

Utilizing our experience in market research and healthcare, we will use a consultative process to ascertain your needs, your targets and your expectations. Once this process is complete, we will undertake preliminary investigations which will provide valuable information on which we can base the design of your questionnaire

Data Analysis

We are pleased to work to your tabulation specification. At Spade Research, we have a variety of analytical tools available for the manipulation of data. Tabular output may be produced in a variety of presentation styles and formats.

Further Statistical Analysis
We are also able to perform more advanced statistical tests and analysis, using SPSS for Windows:

  • Tests of hypotheses and significance
  • Bi-variate analysis (correlation, regression, analysis of variance)
  • Multi-variate analysis (factor analysis, cluster analysis)

Subsequent to statistical analysis, data may be supplied in SPSS/SAS format


Reporting, charting and presentation services are available for all projects according to your needs


We provide accurate transcripts like: Audio Transcription, Video Transcription, Interview Transcription, MP3 Transcription, Media Transcription