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Market Intelligence Services

In today’s competitive world, each day brings a new competitor for business, the launch of a new product or service, or extension in an existing product range. Therefore, it is very important for every business to get reliable and honest feedback on the products and services they offer before its launch or extension. Spade Research is one of the top market intelligence companies in India which provides the best solution to our customers. We help our customers to understand the prospects in the markets and in what way they could benefit their businesses with the utilization of the market research findings. You can outsource marketing intelligence services to our company and our industry experts provide you with a detailed analysis of the market.

Market intelligence is an ongoing, holistic knowledge of all aspects of the marketplace. Market intelligence reports provides a high-level view by analyzing many different business areas including competitors, products, market dynamics, and customer insights.our market intelligence takes a broad perspective — tracking both competitors and the overall state of the industry — it provides valuable insight that improves a company’s business model and shapes its strategic direction

Our market intelligence reports provide below answers:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors?
  • Is there intense competition in our market?
  • What is the optimal price point for different products?
  • How does our company’s performance compare to current industry benchmarks?
  • What are the primary drivers of value in our market?

Spade’s market intelligence report is based on multiple sources of data — including primary and secondary sources — which provide context and create a more balanced, accurate view of the market.


Steps to Powerful Market Intelligence Services:

Most of the times, market intelligence is utilized as a traditional analysis for competitors. However, the main purpose of market intelligence is to gather information to make decisions for the business. The collected data is utilized for identifying the potential buyers or business partners or competitors and create new opportunities for business. To make powerful market intelligence, you must consider three steps which are as follows.

  • Utilization of algorithms is the best way to monitor key events, criteria, and the latest trends. The algorithm will first analyse the data provided by you and observe some particular patterns. In the end, this technology can automate the whole complex processes and make your work easier
  • It is important to understand that every information collected online is necessarily correct. We have found 45% of social media content is outdated. Using telemarketing, you can verify the data collected and add more information
  • The third step in powerful market intelligence is to analyse the data collected. This will help you gaining insight for making strategic business decisions and provide recommendations

What is Marketing Intelligence Solution?

Marketing Intelligence is the external information about a particular market which a company wants to enter. This information is collected by the company to make decisions. This data is considered the first set of information which is utilized by the company for analysis before any investment decision. With the utilization of this data, companies could understand the state of the market with information about competitors.

This type of data is very significant for companies before entering any market.In other words, market intelligence utilizes different data to present a detailed review of the existing market of the company, its customers, competitors, issues, and growth prospects for new services and products. It is advantageous for the companies in determining the internal goals and understand the market properly.

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Offshore Market Intelligence Research Services:

Spade Research is a market research company which helps its customers in providing market intelligence solutions. We are known for our reliable market intelligence services. We have a team of experts who navigate our clients in this challenging business environment and offer data on the external business. With the utilization of this information, we help our customers in making decisions daily and planning for the future strategically.

With the help of our market intelligence research services , our clients can review potential barriers to market entry and analyse distribution channels. The solutions provided by our company to our clients help them to forecast shift in demand-supply, track emerging trends in the market, and provide insights on the probable effect of changing factors.

Purposes of Market Intelligence:

We, at Spade Research, provides a solution to our clients by consistently collecting data through multiple sources on all the aspects that affect their business in some way. Then, we analyse the gathered data into a purposeful information that assists them to make effective strategies in order to enhance their profits.

We are one of the leading market intelligence firms in India. The services we offer for market intelligence consists of tracing your competitors, new requirements of the customers, new joiners, new trends in the market, new emerging markets, changes in government legislation, and technological development.

How to Gather Market Intelligence?​

In this world of growing competition, it is important to understand the role of market intelligence. It helps its users to make the right decisions at the right time with proper strategy. It helps any company to remain in the top position by using perfect business strategies. To gather market intelligence, you can use several ways like:
  • You can contact your sales team as they have maximum interaction with the customers and gather information from them about product improvement.
  • When you are planning for product expansion, then you must contact your channel partners. Your channel partners guide you about the latest trend in the market and which product will have better sales.
  • You can also get information about your competitors from your product manager. Your product manager can benefit from their solid business relationship to get information on changes in strategies.
  • The best way to gather professional and reliable information is to outsource marketing intelligence services from a genuine market intelligence agency like Spade Research.
  • You can also utilize social media to gather information for making decisions.
Our market intelligence considers a detailed analysis by tracking both competitors and complete position of the industry. This helps our customers in getting a valuable insight which enhances the business model of the company and navigates its strategic business plan.
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