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Market Research Data Collection

Spade Survey is part of Spade Research is a data collection company who is providing samples across different industry (Consumers, Healthcare, telecommunications, IT, consumers and more…) to MR firms, consulting companies and other technology companies. We have our proprietary panel of more than 500,000 respondents in USA, China and India. We are also developing respondents panel in other regions like KSA and UK , We are expert in data collection whether it is qualitative or quantitative for US, UK, Asia Pacific and MENA region. We have our specialized team who are focused and experience in Indian-subcontinent and SE Asia with offices in India, KSA, UAE and Egypt.

Spade team covers following methodologies:

  • Qualitative– IDIs, Focus Group, Triads, Diads, Ethnography, Workshops, Central Location Test
  • Quantitative– Face to Face Interviews, Online Interviews, Online Communities and CAPI
  • Research Supports– Data Cleaning, Tabulation and Reporting
Global data collection services

Global Data Collection

Spade research provides online data collection services. We collect data from various sources, convert it or process it as per specifications and give you outputs as you desire. We also provide CAPI/CAWI methodology, which is according to the need of client.

The most important part of any data collection program is to retain a quality control program. We provide 100% quality work to our client. We collect the right data, accurately and efficiency. We provide high quality data, by targeting/screening respondents. We have ability to conduct research in tight timeline by using large consumer and B2B panel. We conduct all types of fieldwork from recruitment only through to full management of study.

Survey Sampling

Spade research provides data collection services to help in decision making for good business result. We recruit panelists through our website, various digital marketing campaign and recruitment drives. We have network of partners with us who help us to get more feasibility and reach. We have diverse global panel in the industry comprises of consumers, business and healthcare professionals, patients, and hard-to-reach audiences. 

With over 500,000 panelist in USA, China and India and carried out study in more than 20 countries globally, Spade Survey provides data collection services to help in decision making for good business result. We have network of partners with us who help us to get more feasibility and reach.  We have diverse global panel in the industry comprises of consumers, business and healthcare professionalspatients, and hard-to-reach audiences.

survey sampling
Syndicated research reports

Research Support

Spade Research also provides research support services to our client. If a client need a particular services and not all then we can assist you with below services as per the client requirement. 

We provide: 

  • Respondents Recruitment
  • Project Management
  • Survey Programming
  • Data Analysis

Survey Programming

We offer you cost-effective, easy solutions ensuring the highest standards of quality, so you can focus on results. Our team will speak to you and will discuss your requirement and work accordingly. We go through the entire survey process including; brainstorming and review on the questionnaire design, survey programming, translation, and data processing. We use the latest techniques and industry recognized survey programming software which offers advanced survey monitoring and management features. By utilizing automation, dashboards, real-time reporting, and mobile optimization, our experienced team of survey programmers and project managers can provide you with a consultative approach to conduct the highest quality research.

survey programming
Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We are pleased to work to your tabulation specification and have a variety of analytical tools available for the manipulation of data. Tabular output may be produced in a variety of presentation styles and formats. We are also able to perform more advanced statistical tests and analysis, using SPSS or SAS:

  • Tests of hypotheses and significance
  • Bi-variate analysis (correlation, regression, analysis of variance)
  • Multi-variate analysis (factor analysis, cluster analysis and more.)
  • Analyzing big data assets of a company
  • Creating algorithms to address data challenges
  • OE coding and tabulation
  • Visualizations
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