An organization’s patent portfolio is vital for its future success along its various intellectual property assets as designs, trademarks, and copyrights. Thus, organization should ensure the maximum realization of its existing portfolio which can be done through effective portfolio management. Also, the organization should understand the patent portfolio in tandem with its competencies and market opportunities available

A company should be proactive in implementing IP solutions to identify  innovations and increase revenues. A well-defined IP goal can result in achieving business objectives and help position the business as a leader in the marketplace. With growth in business revenues, the IP strategy can include protecting the unique aspects of the assets and foster innovations to explore new geographies. This can be achieved through licensing or joint ventures to create novel solutions that satisfy the unmet needs in the market. 


patent services

Prior art or IP searches

Novelty/patentability searches

Freedom to operate/clearance searches

State-of-the-art searches

Non-patent literature searches

Validity/invalidity searches

patent Registration

Analytics Solutions

Landscape studies & white-space analysis

Innovation/technology scouting

Technology road mapping

Technology patent

Bench marking

new product development

Licensing & Commercialization

Patent in, out licensing studies

Claim/end of use analysis

Licensee identification

Patent to standard mapping 

Patent to product mapping

Technology valuation services

compettive intelligence patent services

Competitive Intelligence

Competitors’ patent filing strategies

Portfolio analysis/categorization

Patent/IP watch & legal status tracking

R&D road mapping & structuring

Citation analysis & assignment updates studies