Major Challenges in Market for Data Collection in Indian Subcontinent

Data collection is the process which is defined as the process of gathering, calculating, and evaluating accurate visions for research utilizing standard techniques for validation. This is the approach which is used to get a complete and appropriate insight of targeted area from different sources. With the utilization of the collection of data, an organization will be enabled to resolve relevant queries, analyse implications, and forecast future possibilities and trends. An accurate collection of data is significant in maintaining the truthfulness of the research, making decisions for the business, and ensuring the quality of the product. There are many data collection companies which provide market research data collection services to a different organization to help in making decisions.

Challenges of Data Collection in Healthcare:

Healthcare department is one of the largest sectors in India in regards to employment and revenue. Healthcare sector includes medical devices, hospitals, outsourcing, clinical trials, medical tourism, medical equipment, and health insurance. There are numerous sources from where data for healthcare is collected such as machine to machine data, biometric data, transaction data, web data, and human-generated data. There are several challenges in data collection and survey, which include:

  • It is important to understand who is the best person to talk so that you can get the best and appropriate information. If you are deciding how and why a business will grow, you will want to ask the end-user. However, you will get the best answer from the most recent purchaser of the product or service. So, this is one of the most important challenges in the collection of data is to decide whom to talk about the product or service before its introduction in the market.
  • Another important challenge in data collection in healthcare is to decide the amount of sample you will need. This challenge can be resolved by deciding your budget. You can decide the amount of sample based on your budget with the consideration of accuracy and risk. To collect the data perfectly in the healthcare sector, you need to balance the level of accuracy with the additional cost of the sample.
  • One more challenge in the data collection in the healthcare sector is to decide which sample source should be used for information. Nowadays, most people utilize the internet, hence collecting sample sources from the internet will not provide you with biased information. This is the reason most marketing research projects are affordable and efficient now. But in the case of the healthcare sector, sometimes you will need some specific sample of people to meet your requirements.
  • Another challenge faced by organisations in the healthcare sector while collecting data is the non-responsive behaviour of the people. Many individuals are not interested in participating in marketing research. This will result in biased information which must be compared with the respondent group to have appropriate data. To get perfect data, right respondents are very important. When field team visit a HCP office they generally refuse to take part in study, respondents are not very keen to participate, they think this is waste of time. But they should understand this impact the whole system and survey would be beneficial if we see this in long term
  • Another hidden challenge is to decide the cost for the product which will arise due to unforeseen problems.
  • The quality of data throughout the research should be maintained as there are chances of the degradation of the quality of data during data entry or the completion of data collection.
  • Additionally, the proper documentation of collected data is also a big challenge. It is important to pre-decide the communication structure to establish monitoring systems.
  • Another challenge while collecting data is the violation of protocol or fraud or scientific misconduct. This will affect the whole process and the quality of data.

These are a few major challenges in healthcare market research which are faced by organizations while collecting data for market research in the healthcare sector. To ensure the quality of data, the researchers must ask respondents about the same information in different ways and at different points of the survey. Cross-checking of collected data is the best way to ensure its validity and quality. Also, the collection of data should be entered daily to collect data on time. Also, to reduce issues in data collection, the indication of necessary data fields must be mentioned to avoid confusion and decision making. You can hire a data collection company like Spade Market Research to get appropriate survey data collection services. This will enhance your chances of getting the best possible information in minimum possible time which will, in turn, help you in making decisions.

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